Free At Last


I went through hell and back and forth.
My fear spat fire as it crawled through my vein.
I stood up, I sat down, I felt like a dork,
O mighty loser – embarrassment reigned.

Would he never shut up, my darn inner voice,
that faker, that liar, that felon on fire?
Don’t do this, my friend, they will laugh at you!
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The One Hundred Zero Goal


*Amanda Richards via Compfight cc

To date, I’ve experienced more than 4,000 three to five-minute speeches in my trainings. Speeches about life, speeches about business, motivational speeches, inspirational speeches, emotional speeches. I detected patterns for improvement; I detected patterns of rhetorical gold.

One thing I struggle with is that I easily get bored because too many speeches lack energy, . . . → Read More: The One Hundred Zero Goal

A Smart Way To Borrow Authority


Quotes are a smart way to borrow authority from people who have it. They boost the level of ethos (credibility) in your public speaking.

Great quotes convey depth and wisdom in few words. On the web you find zillions of quotes. Here are some of my favorites. Borrow their originators’ authority; you won’t be a thief.

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