The Anxiety Equation


It was cold outside, but warm were the hearts of our Finnish friends. On October 20-21, I attended the event “Master the Art of Presenting” in Helsinki, organized by my fellow Toastmaster Timo Sorri and his company Havain. It was an amazing event full of priceless inspiration. In this article I share with you one of the . . . → Read More: The Anxiety Equation

Do You Serve Crappy Fast Food When You Speak In Public?


Today, we had a special guest. For 16 years, our guest was a breeder of Golden Retrievers. Her life situation changed; she had to give up her passion. She was looking for a family for her last remaining Golden. She found us. Today, she came over to our house for lunch.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because . . . → Read More: Do You Serve Crappy Fast Food When You Speak In Public?

Dom Pérignon Meets Aristotle


View from the training venue

Imagine the kindest host you’ve ever met. Sidhu will be that man. In his restaurant Timón in Calpe, Spain, famous for its great cuisine, for its spectacular views and for Sidhu, you’ll experience a very, very different public speaking training. Limited to eight participants, you’ll see what happens when Dom Pérignon meets . . . → Read More: Dom Pérignon Meets Aristotle

Do Clothes Make The Speaker?


The year: 2014. The location: an amphitheater-style classroom in Madrid. I was staring at business suits, ties and designer blouses. 70 eyes were staring at me. The business development and sales team of the renowned IESE Business School had invited me to give a half-day lecture on slide presentations. Just when I was about to start, . . . → Read More: Do Clothes Make The Speaker?

Keep Your Hand Down


Source: YouTube

I’m a great fan of the so-called „American style“ of presenting. The majority of American speakers throw tons of positivity, tons of energy, tons of enthusiasm onto their audience. I love it! At the beginning of my trainings I declare, Those of you who don’t dig the American style of presenting, this is NOT your . . . → Read More: Keep Your Hand Down