You Is Not You


I’ve heard it so many times. Blog posts like this one promote it everywhere and constantly. As a speaker you should reduce the me-centered “I” and use more the you-centered “You”.  Following this advice MLK jr. would’ve said, “You have a dream!”

Yeah, sure!

Some articles promote a you-I-ratio of 10:1! The assumption behind: Self-centered speech turns off . . . → Read More: You Is Not You

The Future Speaks AGILE


José E. Rodríguez and I met in October 2013. I was invited to give a workshop at a weird event in the South of Barcelona – an AGILE Coach Camp. That was my first encounter with the future – the future of how we do business in companies. Ever since the word AGILE haunts me. It . . . → Read More: The Future Speaks AGILE

Blueprint Of Persuasion


Since Mr. Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE) changed the course of communication forever, we cannot reinvent the wheel of persuasion. We persuade others and move them to action thanks to robust arguments. Arguments based on logic (Logos), credibility (Ethos) and emotion (Pathos).

We cannot reinvent that wheel, but we can repaint it. In this Blueprint of Persuasion . . . → Read More: Blueprint Of Persuasion

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