A New Way To Bring Numbers To Life


On February 1st, 2013, I published my second book – PlusPlus – Patterns for Better Communication. In PlusPlus I reflect on 108 patterns that will boost the quality of your speeches, presentations and – for Toastmasters – evaluations.

For more than two years, no new pattern popped up in my trainings across Europe. The same content patterns, . . . → Read More: A New Way To Bring Numbers To Life

And We Toasted With Porto


May 15th to 17th 2015 turned out to be another milestone of communication skills, personal growth and cross-border friendship. In Porto, almost 300 Toastmasters, mainly from the South-Western European region, gathered to learn, laugh and toast with Porto.

We experienced wonderful workshops, epic evaluations and spectacular speeches. I had the impression that the competitive level was higher than . . . → Read More: And We Toasted With Porto

A Hollywood Blockbuster Without Music


Have you ever watched a Hollywood blockbuster without music?

Me neither. Music triggers emotion and great theme music triggers great emotion. Think about ET, think about Titanic, think about the Gladiator!

As a public speaker you have the power to unleash similar tsunamis of emotion – but without music. Your speeches can turn into Hollywood blockbusters without music. . . . → Read More: A Hollywood Blockbuster Without Music