A Smart Way To Borrow Authority


Quotes are a smart way to borrow authority from people who have it. They boost the level of ethos (credibility) in your public speaking.

Great quotes convey depth and wisdom in few words. On the web you find zillions of quotes. Here are some of my favorites. Borrow their originators’ authority; you won’t be a thief.

Better is the . . . → Read More: A Smart Way To Borrow Authority

Thank You, Rotary


In 2006, I joined Rotary International, the world’s biggest humanitarian social club with more than 1,200,000 members. Nine years later I faced an even bigger public speaking challenge. In my new role as Sergeant at Arms (or Master of Ceremony) within our District management team, I had to moderate and facilitate the VIII Assembly of District . . . → Read More: Thank You, Rotary

The Only One Listening To You


But sometimes I have to present more serious content where I cannot apply all the stuff we’re doing here. If I only had counted the number of times that someone told me this in the trainings. Dozens and dozens and dozens of times. Driven by everything we cannot do in life, instead of everything we could do. . . . → Read More: The Only One Listening To You