More Vulnerable, More Leader


May, 2012. It’s the first edition of Heureka, a Berlin-based online conference. After lunch I’m supposed to give an inspiring talk to wake up those 550 young and passionate Internet movers.

I arrive early in the morning, do my usual chit-chat with the technical staff (always the speaker’s best friends!). Then, I sit down, lay back and . . . → Read More: More Vulnerable, More Leader

Monotony Kills


What do you think of when you hear the word monotony? What kinds of associations pop up in your mind?

I’ll give you a hand. When you look for synonyms in Thesaurus, you’ll get what you asked for – an enumeration of everything that makes our human life so exciting:

Boredom, colorlessness, continuance, continuity, dreariness, dryness, dullness, ennui, equability, . . . → Read More: Monotony Kills

A Powerful Tool For The Most Important Speech Of Your Life


Dear grooms and brides, brides’ fathers and grooms’ mothers, best men and maids of honor!

For three years, the idea was jumping around in my head. In 2015, I finally push the start button.

In cooperation with the Barcelona-based marketing agency A Small Job, I’ll create an online course that helps you design the most important speech of . . . → Read More: A Powerful Tool For The Most Important Speech Of Your Life